golden slumbers

3:49 PM

night one - Friday

On Friday night I was not really looking forward to my first single parenting night as Myl was away camping with his youth group. Lu and I did the whole bedtime routine. Dinner, bath, story, milk and sleep and off she went into dreamland... till 5 30.  For those of you who enjoy regular uninterrupted sleep till 10am this is a BIG DEAL. I have not slept that long in such a long time.

night two - last night

I put Lucy in her cot after Myles did the bedtime routine. She woke up and up and up and up. We hit 9pm and she went to sleep for two hours and then up and up and up howling each time. Crying in her cot, crying in our arms. I gave up and mighty Myl took over. Finally she fell asleep in our bed. (Co sleeping has taken a break as our bed is smaller in our summer house.)

So confused. Baby girl you are confusing.

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