for granny and waa waa

7:00 AM
my mum and dad are Lucys granny and waa waa. Waa waa? It's a long story.

Before Christmas we went to visit them. Lucy really loves her granny and waa waa. 

Granny gives Lucy shortbread on arrival.

They have nice morning cuddles and granny sings to her. This calms Lucy down a lot.

Lucy enjoyed some tasty berries from granny and waa waas berry bush.

I think Lucy remembers her granny from when she was first born.

We had a pre-christmas Christmas with my family because we wouldn't get to see them on the 25th. Lucy didn't really take to the roast dinner but she enjoyed her great-nanas shortbread. I think it was the butter.

I'm not sure who they make those christmas cracker party hats for because ours almost fit Lucy and had no hope on the more boof-headed members of the family.
 Lucy loves her waa waa.

She used to not be so sure about this strange un-bearded man but now she loves being held by waa waa while he sings her some songs.

He is creating Narnia for queen Lucy in the backyard complete with stone statues and lamp-post.

Lucy got lots of lovely presents for Christmas. She likes walking with her trolley and playing her musical instruments which include a very loud horn. I hid it.

Despite the large amounts of amazing gifts, Lucy prefered the wrapping paper. Despite the fun of opening presents Lucy preferred to try open the presents under the tree on Christmas eve.

Granny and Waa waa have a dog named Molly. She is about 10 and has cataracts. She is a loveable mutt.
Lucy was very interested in Molly.
Molly was very wise and kept clear of the tail pulling baby.

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