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Little One, I Know You Grow is coming at you from the south coast where we are taking a large inflatable orange soccer field around to some SUFM's. We've missed out on a few days but here is what we've been up to so far...

In our first Stadium stop at Corrimal, we were greeted by fine weather, a beautiful patch of grass and a very enthusiastic SUFM team.
What a way to start mission!
We had a wonderful first day playing soccer, greeting the locals and helping the team to spread the Gospel. Our big orange soccer field drew people from far and wide.  Many of the teenagers we chatted to were not from the caravan park but locals who, without the stadium might not have got involved in the SUFM activities at all.
Our highs of the day were seeing the great way the Corrimal team joyfully served one another and the people at their caravan park, having our trip from Ulladulla to Corrimal go smoothly with our 2.4 ton load, playing soccer with the under fives, our wonderful sunny yet cool breezy day and the delicious dinner provided for us by the lovely Joy.
Lows were a very slow train ride, a sad baby in the bus (who slept the whole way back) and a Frisbee to the shin. It was a pretty good day.

Our second Stadium event took us to Kioloa and Bawley Point SUFM. We had a great day. We had a record number of 26 teams going through the stadium. It was great to see the mass of SUFM members and how they were all scattered amongst the crowd talking to the campers who had come.

We then visited the team at Ulladulla SUFM for their water rocket afternoon. They are a mission with a different style. They have a café and different tents where activities are run. We’ll come back to them on the 2nd.

On New Years Eve we visited Lake Tabourie for a morning stadium event. We were all on the bus at 7am to start our event at 9 30. Luckily we had some lovely neighbours (many of which are related to our team directors) who didn’t mind the tent peg hammering and large inflatable orange soccer field being put up in their front yard. The event itself was really popular. We held a round robin championship competition with a nail biting grand final.

We brought in the new year together after a delicious feast provided by the Chapple family and went home for a well deserved rest.

New Years Day was a nice relax, a swim, a trip to the cinema to see Tin Tin and church at St Martins Ulladulla.

We’d love you to pray for
-       The next few days as we get back into the stadium routine after day off.
-       Energy in the heat.
-       That we would be bold with our conversations about Jesus.
-       Ulladulla SUFM for our event tomorrow (2nd).

If you are in the area we'd love to see you.

2 January
Ulladulla SUFM
3 January
Crookhaven Heads SUFM
4 January
Sussex Innlet SUFM
5 January
Conjola Entrance SUFM
8 January
10 January
Gunnedah Inland Mission
Look out for the giant orange soccer stadium and the red t-shirts.

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