From little things...

As part of my new years resolutions I decided to start a little garden. We have a nice balcony at our new house so I decided to start.

So far I have a tomato, parsley, basil, chilli and coriander. I think I thought the growing business would be far easier than it is. I've got five little plants in five little pots. Three are going great but two are looking quite sad. I think in going to go pay a visit to the local nursery to get some fertiliser and hopefully some tips.

Lucy especially likes picking bits of leaves off the plants and picking up dirt. She has already broken one of my pots so I need to keep them safely away. She is getting so mobile and defiant. I can feel some serious discipline coming on.

It's been great so far to use fresh herbs in cooking. I'm looking forward o making the garden even bigger.

Do you have a garden? What do you plant? Any hot veggi tips?

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