Our NewTown - grub and tucker

11:52 PM
We have walked past this place loads of times and seen in the window a meal called the Lucy breakfast. As the cutest member of our family also bears that name and we love going out for breakfast, we decided to give it a try.

I can safely say the Lucy breakfast is a tasty treat. Lots of different parts and tasty flavours. Even Lucy herself shoved it enthusiastically down her gob. However I don't think we will be visiting grub and tucker again. Lucy likes to wander in cafes and do cute things like say hello to the other cafe goers. We were (politely) asked to keep our wandering daughter at our table. Fair enough. But an upset and restrained toddler is not our idea of good cafe times.
Also, our coffee was burnt. Badly. So badly that I could tell and I'm the furthest from a coffee snob you are likely to get.

Tasty food, cute cafe, not big enough servings for Myl, not child friendly and terrible coffee. A bit average all round but not a waste of time.

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