1:37 PM
On saturday we celebrated Lucy's first birthday with a party in the park.

She had a lovely time even though her separation anxiety has set in an she spent almost the whole time in my arms.

It was a beautiful sunny day to be out in the park and was great to see so many friends that we have missed since changing churches.

I made fruit juice jelly, cupcakes and a number one women's weekly cake and we had a BBQ. We set up some balloons and Lucy had a nice time pointing at them and saying "ooo!"

It was nice to celebrate one year of her. It doesn't seem so long ago that we were eagerly anticipating her with my baby shower but she has grown an changed so much and I have changed too.

I don't have many photos from the day. (who has time for photos?) but I've got these ones of the number one cake and a small girl sampling it. I don't think she knew the smarties were food and gave them to me.

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