Twelve months old

1:49 PM
My little girl is twelve months old.

She is no longer my little baby. She walks, talks, reads books, explores, and uses a spoon to eat... sometimes.

She is a little social butterfly. Even in the midst of separation anxiety he cranks out a killer smile (from mamas arms).

Lucy loves...
Being held and cuddled.
Falling asleep in the car
Her new baby doll and stroller
saying bye bye and hello (waving)
Reading books
Watering plants

And not so much...
Being alone/on the ground
Mama putting washing on the line
Sitting in the high chair
Strange beardless men
And for that matter, strange beardless women. although they are preferable.

She is a funny little thing. She can be very demanding and I'm trying to teach her please, yes, no, this is what I want rather than aaaarrgggggabooooorrrraaahhhhh!
But it's slow going.
We have tough days and nice day. This little girl is learning how the world works and it's confusing and exciting for her all at once.

What a roller coaster ride this last year has been! We are now entering the toddler years. I'd better get a helmet.

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