Dear family

1:18 PM
We celebrated mothers day on Saturday. You made me breakfast, bought me a lovely gift and took me out bike riding for the day.
I got many tiny sloppy kisses, snugly hugs and sleepy cuddles.

But family, the greatest gift you have given me is you.
Everyday. Plain. Old. You.

Being a mama is not all bike rides in the sun but being a mama to you little Lucy and alongside you papa Myles 8s the best adventure of my life. I'm far from the perfect mama. Far from even the worlds best. I don't deserve a superhero t-shirt or a medal or a prize but you love me anyway. When I don't pay you enough attention little one, you still have a big sloppy kiss to give me. When I'm impatient with you my love you are patient right back.

I love this family. I wouldn't have life any other way. Thank you for a beautiful life and happy mothers day.

Love mama

Happy mothers day to you too. Hope you had a lovely time enjoying the blessing of family in all it's joy and struggle.

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