giving up and dreaming different

8:28 PM
I have a confession to make. 
I'm a bit of a dreamer.
I dreamt that I could have a really awesome blog with an awesome matching etsy store.
I'd be Mrs 31. (Proverbs 31 that is)

But, ya know what? I actually am not that good at craft. I'm not that good at networking, running a business, blog design, photography or any of those things that make a blog and matching easy store work. 

So I'm giving up. Giving up on that particular dream. Giving up on my good blog, my good etsy store and my good popularity. 

And here is why.

This little noogin who sometimes needs to nap with mama for two hours when she has a cold.
This precious little soul who, to be completely frank, I have been ignoring a bit the past few weeks. 

She is the best way to spend my moments. 
And she is the reason I started this blog in the first place.

I'm going to start blogging again in the way I started. To remember my little girl and the times we had when she was small. I'm going to craft without deadlines and profits. I'm going to read other blogs without worrying if the people who write them will follow me back if I leave a comment. I'm giving up the grand moneymaking bloggers dream.

Here's my new dream.
I've been recording some songs.

Here is my first offering. It's a cover but it was fun. I really like music and I don't often play.
I'm not flogging a cd, I'm just singing songs about Jesus. Feel free to listen and sing along. 

Edit: I have been trying all evening to get the music player to work. I guess it's another round of Rin vs technology. Technology wins. 
To listen go to this link. It's myspace. Relive your youth.

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