rainy days off

12:43 AM
It's been raining here. A lot.
Every day.

I love rainbows and grass growing.
I also love dry laundry.


When it rains on Saturdays we like to go skulk around in shopping centres.
Lucy loves escalators and big posters of faces.
She rides the first and kisses the second.

Have you seen those little merry-go-round rides in the shops.
You know the ones that "are broken" and "don't spin around?"
The ones that we "never have two dollars for?"

Lucy likes to play on these and has been quite content to sit in the wiggles big red hovercraft and pretend to spin round and round.
That was until she was sitting there having the time of her life and some other kids came up with parents who obviously love them more than we love Lucy and put two dollars in.
There was a spare seat. Lucy was in it.

Her face said,
"IT MOVES?!?!?!"

Now she wants the ride all the time.

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