12:19 AM
i don't think the little one has ever napped this long... ever.

It all started three weeks ago when she had a bit of a sniffle.
I decided that after weeks of mostly unsuccessful day napping I would just lie down with Lucy in my bed and see how she napped.
Armed with a good book I sat in bed with my little snotty girl in my arms.
And... a dummy.
I'm not all anti dummy or anything. It's just that Lucy had never shown any interest in one before. And oh had I tried!
At about six months old after near perfect sleeping patterns, she went on a bit of a bender (But that's another story.) and try as I might I could not get her to take a dummy.
But now, on that wondrous day, my little girl slept in my arms with the dummy in her mouth for two hours.
The next day she was exhausted and fell asleep out walking in the Ergo. I came home, sat on the couch and there she slept (dummy less) for another two.
Since then, pretty much every afternoon you can find the two of us snuggled up in bed napping the afternoon away.
She just lies down and falls asleep! It's a revelation.

This week we're clocking up three hour beauties.
I read, I crochet, I nap too.
I guess I could slip away but on a rainy afternoon it's so nice to stay all warm and cozy.
And between you and me, I think that Lucy wouldn't sleep quite as well if I weren't there.

For those reading this and lamenting that their baby does not nap quite as well.
We have survived on 30ish minute day naps for such a long time.
I'm not sure what the change is. I don't think it's particularly anything I have done. Maybe this little girl is just getting older and changing her patterns.
She might change back any day now.

But my oh my am I filled with joy when I see this giggly happy well rested little one.

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