Clear as...

1:14 PM
Lucy is just starting to learn words.
She's got all the important ones down like
She can say ball, dog, flower and make animal noises like the best of them but other than providing great party entertainment, these words are not really all that helpful.

I can see the frustration welling up in her little face every time she doesn't have the right word.
She wants to say
"I need help"
"I want more"
"I'm confused, sad, lonely, tired, scared, overwhelmed."
"pumpkin again?"

But she doesn't have the words yet.
I give her the words.
"more please"
"no, ta"
But sometimes the frustration takes over.

I get it. Sometimes it would be easier to fling yourself on the floor and have a good ole fashioned tanty.
But she'll learn.

She can already do a sing songy version of more please.
"mah paaaaah"
Which comes out every time we walk past a glass cabinet full of caked at a cafe.

More words will come and one day I will have a conversation with my little girl. But for now I have sweet baby jibber and it is so very sweet.

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