i get knocked down...

6:22 PM
Lucy got her first real boo boo today.
We were at the park brunching with friends.
Lucy went with Myl to the playground and as he was holding the gate open for a lady with a pram, Lucy decided to launch herself down the stairs.
Carefully navigated steps are usually not a problem for her but steps leading to swings and slides and see-saws?
Well, that's another matter.
She launched herself down and whacked herself in the noggin.
And now, there is a bright red bump in the middle of her forehead.

It's painfully obvious. I can't even hide it with her hair.
I was waiting for this day to come.
You know when you see kids with wounds on their faces and you can't help but think,
"where were those parents?"
You think,
"I would never let my child get a sore like that!"
Maybe your kids have had so many accidents that you find yourself comparing wounds.
"That's nothing! Little Kimba once severed his head in half and it was all blue and pulsating..."
I thought that Lucy would never get hurt. Never get a scratch. Never a bump or a bruise or a graze.
That's right.
I thought wrong.

It's really not so bad.
She bounced back up and see-sawed like the best of them.
She lived to fight another day.
But I guess it's one more lesson in life that makes me trust that some one else more equipped for the job is looking after my little girl and that boo boos are just a part of growing up.

*I took a photo of the boo boo but could only do so when Lu was sleeping and it looked a bit creepy. So you will just have to imagine a 10c piece sized, red eggy (but not too bad Mum) sore on her head.

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