2 - fourteen



Good! It's warming up, the birds are singing and the world is a happier sunnier place.
I feel like I'm starting to show but am not convinced its not cake.
My belly button has gone round again which was the first way I was showing last time.
My tummy feels different. Smalls is the size of a kiwi fruit so I'm sure thats definitely on schedule. It feels like there is something going on in there.

Still not back up to my former appetite.
We found the best burger place on our street and went there on my birthday. There are moments when I really feel like a burger but I'm not sure it can be classified as a craving.
Not really any aversions. I keep forgetting I'm pregnant and "should" have them.

About how the little (very jealous of other babies) one is going to go when smalls gets lots of special mama cuddles and how I can prevent the sadness.
Glad to be in trimester two. It's going so fast!

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