Day for happy fathers.

9:50 PM
As I write this post, a man is upstairs with a little awake girl. He is patiently lying and waiting for her to go to sleep.

He is her dada.
And my husband.
He is a superhero.

The love I have for him when I see the love he has for our little one is enormous.
It's my favourite role of his by far.
I swoon as I watch them read books together her head nestled in that little spot where it fits on his chest.
My heart aches when I see them laugh together. Playing tigers, tickles, peek a boo.
I feel excited to see this man as a father of two. Twice the love.

I could go on and on.

It's a joy to parent with you my love. You are a keeper and a real fine dada.

Happy Fathers Day.*

I know it's not technically today but we celebrated it because Sunday is a work day.

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