What's up?

7:00 AM
I'm finding it hard to get regular posts up lately so I thought I'd try a new style of post called "what's up" where I share all the goings on for when many many things have been going on.

So. What's up?

It's spring and I just celebrated my birthday. We had a dumpling party.

I've got some new summery dresses to accommodate my soon to be ginormous tummy.
Also, Myl got me a new fancy pants camera and after trawling the Internet I finally found it's instruction guide. I'll soon be taking fabulous photos to share with you all.

We had five days of holiday at my parents house.
Sweet comfort.
Happy birthday dad!
Lucy learnt to say "Molly outside." Molly is the dog.

I had my first and second nights away from my little girl. I did some ugly crying the hour before I left but had a great weekend and Lucy had a busy but fun one. She collapsed into my arms on Sunday night.

I spent the weekend at Womens Katoomba Convention and was really challenged to think about what I desire.
I've been encouraged to trust in God and that it's ok to let the washing pile up sometimes. More on this later perhaps.

I also bought a heckofalotta wool for 20c a ball. Win!

I may be crazy but I'm starting to toilet train Lucy. I bought her a pack of "big girl undies" and on day two it hasn't been great but it hasn't been awful.

We've just started term 4 at college which means the year is nearly over. I feel like there are a zillion things to do but my favourite place remains to be snuggled up for naptime with this little badoo.

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