2 - nineteen

2- 19



Had a random day of heartburn. Hello old friend. Otherwise feeling fine and kicky.
Getting a bit nervous about swollen feet, water retention, feeling like a beached whale that I remember from last time.
My bump is emerging... slowly...ish.


Still wearing my jeans. I feel an odd sense of pride till I remember you are supposed to not fit into your jeans when with child. Still feels good.
Watched a video with my mama about skin to skin in the first hour. It made me swoon for a newborn. And a natural birth this time pretty please.


So glad the weather forecast for summer has changed. Goodbye stinker, hello La Niña.
I'm also thinking about boy names. It's ridiculously hard to choose. I'm looking forward to finding out one way or another so we can keep figuring it out or not worry.

nineteen weeks of Lucy

PS - The little one is loving getting her photo taken. Each week she comes and stands next to me, smiles, and fools around. Love her.

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