eighteen months old

10:52 PM
my little girl is eighteen months old.

Lucy likes

weet bix
talking with her ever expanding vocabulary
playing round and round the garden
sticking her hand under the hose while i water the garden
when dada comes home
wearing big girl undies
helping mama

Lucy doesn't like

leaving fun places
being helped
anything on her head other than a hat
male leaders at creche

What a fun age this is!
Lucy is blossoming into this beautiful intense little girl who I love fiercely. Her laughter is constant and contagious and her tantrums loud and maybe just a little bit sweet and funny.
She is learning more and more about the world and how it all works.
She is talking and I am getting glimpses into how she sees things and what she remembers.
Everyday I am blown away by this little sponge who is so eager to learn and so excited to see new things.

We've seen her
first go at potty training (not too bad)
first art class
first two words together
first song sung with actions

Being Lucys mama is exhausting in an entirely wonderful way. I am constantly stretched to think more and more about how to love her and teach her. What a blessing this little girl has been.

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