Noodle markets

7:00 AM
Last Thursday we bussed down into the city for the annual night noodle markets.

Can I just say that things are often 10x more fun with the little one around.

The kid eats sushi. After nights and nights of making interesting face shaped dinners we found a win with a dollar chicken and avocado sushi roll.

The kid loves centre point tower. You kinda had to be there but there was a lot of oohing and hand waving and general amazement. Also giggling from us and about twenty people around us.

The kid kinda loves everything. The buses, the tall buildings, the Chinese dragon, the attention, the pancakes, and being around so much love and amazement is pretty fun. It kinda catches on you know.

We also ate some tasty noodles and dumplings and salt and pepper squid. Ooooh yeah!

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