2 - twenty one


tired. I'm not sure if it's related to pregnancy at all (though I feel like I experienced it last time) but I've had sore sinuses right between my eyes all week. It's been making my eyes water and making me feel a bit drowsy. Hoping it goes away.

I'm getting bigger! When I bend over I can feel there is something in the way.


Reading up on hypno-birthing. Anyone had any experience?
Had my very uneventful appointment with the obstetrician at the birth centre. She warned me of the perilous dangers of having a VBAC and I smiled and nodded.


About seeing smalls this Thursday. Aside from the usual "what if my baby has two heads?!" moments I've been getting excited about learning more about this little family member growing inside.
Still majorly stuck on boys names.
Also thinking about how I'm going to fit a cot in our room.

twenty one weeks of Lucy

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  1. I did calm birth course with my first. Different to hypnobirthing but same concept! Loved it. Great techniques for overcoming pain and quelling fears. You look great! Not tired at all xx


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