2 - twenty three




pretty good. hard to know if the soreish hips are a result of sleeping 4cm from the ground all week or having a baby the size of a mango inbetween said hips.
noticing i have to be careful with spicy food. heartburn is a killer.
feeling less agile and less stable on unstable places like slimy rockpools at the beach. having to figure out where my new centre of balance is but it's probably better to just avoid potentially life threatening balance situations.

also, my tummy looks very big in these photos. it's a bit misleading. it's not that huge...yet.


still sleeping on my back at times. camping for the last five days hasn't been awful but wasn't as comfy as my bed at home. Sometimes my back had to do and for now it seems to work ok. Last time I was freaked out about sleeping on my back but I think it's only important a bit later on...?
mum asked me when my next ante-natal appointment is. i have no idea. better book one. classic second child syndrome.


about becoming an aunty. my sister is going to have her baby any day now and i'm very excited to meet my little niece or nephew. i keep checking my phone to see if i've gotten a call.

twenty-three weeks of lucy

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