a new room

9:17 PM
A few weeks ago I entered and won an amazing competition from the lovely Emily over at The Beetle Shack.

Most of the prizes have arrived so this week I decided to open all the paper packages lined up by the door and get to work making a new room for our not so little one.

She is well and truly ready to be in a big bed and with smalls coming along in March it was high time to move her before she feels like she is getting kicked out of her bed to make way for a baby.
I had seen the incy interiors bed recently at the Baby and Toddler Show and swooned over it but checked my interest when I saw the hefty price tag. It looked like ikea or hand me downs for us.
So this win was really quite timely and endlessly helpful. We're not completely strapped for catch but "thrifty" is often my middle name.

I (with the heavy lifting skills of Myl) got to work earlier this week and am pretty happy with the end result. The prizes combined with a few little things already in Lucys room went together nicely. I am a big fan of lots of colour and even though it's a bit of an overload at times I think in a kids room you can get away with it.

Lucy is pretty stoked with her new space. As soon as the bed was up she was bouncing away on it only to be stopped by a fall and a sore head. She loves the new Noahs ark toy and all the bunnies round the room. She was completely transfixed by the "balls" hanging in the ceiling and loves that she can look right out the window from her bed.

The first night I was awoken a few times by little footsteps into our room but since then she has been sleeping like a trooper.


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