dada work

7:00 AM

Lucy has learnt a new concept and word recently.


Each morning we say goodbye to Myl and say that he is off to this place called "work."
She has just become really good at the k sound and is loving words like milk, book and of course work.
But now she thinks that work is where everyone goes when you can't see them.

Myl leaves the room and I hear,
"dada work."
No, he's just downstairs.
It's not just Myl. Granny and Waa Waa come to visit and when they leave it's,
"granny work." "waa waa work."

It's pretty cute.

The other day she started walking out the door.
We have a balcony where her bike and other toys are so she usually goes out to play by herself. After a few minutes I realised she wasn't on the balcony anymore. I peeked down the stairs and there was Lucy in the garden looking around.
"What are you doing little girl?" I asked.

I'm sure she'll discover the truth one day.

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