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This week we've packed up the family and are enjoying the (hopefully) sunny Central Coast. So while we're away I thought I'd schedule in a few posts from the past. These are a few of my favourites. I don't often write posts of substance usually due to the energy I prefer to give to my little one but here are some heartfelt, serious(ish) ones. Hope you enjoy them.

Oh yeah, that's right.

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I remembered something today.

I wasn't going to read baby books. I wasn't going to try and be the worlds most perfect parent.
My plan was to me my little ones mama.

Way back when I  first found out about my little one I prayed this prayer. 

I pray that you would know the God who made you.

That you would love Him and trust him to look after you.

I pray that you would always find joy even when things are tricky.

I pray that you would take chances. Do things that interest you regardless of what other people tell you is the right thing to do.

I pray that you would not be too scared to admit you are wrong when you do something that interests you and it blows up in your face.

I pray that nothing will hurt you but I know this prayer is futile. I pray that you have the strength to overcome those hurts. 

I pray that you would love your Mama and Dad. That we would love you and that you would never be afraid to talk to us.

I pray that you would be healthy, energetic and fun. That the world might be your oyster. 

I pray that you will have a contagious laughter, a gentle spirit and an inquisitive mind. 

I pray that you will have friends to love and be loved by. That your family will adore you and that you will have siblings to boss around.

I pray that you will know that Jesus died for you and that fact will change your life. I pray that it deeply impacts you and you will live your life for him.


Nope, nothing in there about sleeping through the night in your own bed. Nothing about eating the right food, napping for 2-3 hours. Nothing about crawling, sitting, walking. 

Yet, for the last few weeks I have been beating myself up about these things. These things that simply don't matter in the scheme of things.

I forgot about being Lucy's best mama in the quest to be the worlds best mama.
I forgot about listening to her. 
I forgot about enjoying her.

So now I'm going to read those books with a hefty big grain of salt. I'm going to do things the way my heart and Lucy's actions tell me to. I'm going to remember this prayer I prayed for my little girl and remember that these are the things I want for her. 

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