2 - thirty one

2:40 PM

So so much better than this time two years ago. Feels like a completely different third trimester... Which it is.
I've got really blocked sinuses though which apparently is a pregnancy thing. Coughing, blocked ears and nose, husky voice but not actually sick. It's a bizarre sensation.


I got my nest on this week. Baby clothes in the cupboard, (memories) sheets on the cot, plastics cupboard reorganised ( very essential).
I was surprised by how few 0000 size things we have. I think we must have put lu straight into 000. I'm sure she wore clothes.


About how I'm going to go once Myl is back at college. We've had a very long very lovely holiday. He went to help his folks move yesterday and Lu and I had a really hard day. The kind where I collapsed in a heap of tears at the end.
I'm just thankful that at least it won't be summer.

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