2 - twenty nine


Back to my old self. Thankfully my pelvis is back to normal. It could have been so so much worse. I'm thankful that it fixed up in about a day. I'm getting to be a big ole pregnant lady who needs to sit down and have drinks of water all the time.
I can no longer eat fatty or spicy foods. The heartburn is not worth it and my thighs are thanking me.


Swimming! What a joy. Not only does it cool me down but it makes me light as a feather.
We were at home for a day and a half this week and I started chipping away at the ice in the freezer and reorganising the dvds. Chirp chirp.


About labour. Must. Think. About. Labour. I would really like to be prepared especially as we're shooting for a VBAC. I think it's mostly about getting my head in the game, preparing for a long first timey labour and keeping as fit and healthy as I can. Oh, also fending off the doctors who may try to sneak me into having an unnecessary caesarian. Piece of cake right?

I'm also looking at my weekly photos with Lucy and finding it hard to believe I am THAT far along.

Twenty nine weeks of Lucy

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