camping with a toddler

Our first point of holiday business was a trip up the coast to go camping.
I knew that if we didn't get away then our holidays could easily slip away without us doing anything.

So off we went to Umina Beach.
It was so good.

I was a bit nervous about how Lu would go. She would make or break our holiday. A week without napping or late crazy nights would be enough to make camping forever a dirty word but she was an absolute champ. She was going through a brilliant sleeping pattern (which has since ended) and would go to sleep with a simple "goodnight." We packed our days so full of fun that she was just exhausted each evening.

I was amazed at how little it took to amuse our little family each day. A walk along the beach, a play on the swings, a swim in the pool and a wander after the ducks. Sandwiches for lunch and BBQ for tea.

It was relaxing and also awesome.
I think we'll make camping our yearly holiday.

beachbendover photo beachbendover_zps3075d9da.jpg

holdinghandsbeach photo holdinghandsbeach_zpsf924e8d7.jpg

lucydadashoulders photo lucydadashoulders_zps9eb595c1.jpg

mylbeach photo mylbeach_zps05d508e8.jpg

lucymamabeach photo lucymamabeach_zps49e731db.jpg

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