lucy and the baby jesus

This year was Lucys first time in the church nativity play.
She was given the choice of being a sheep or an angel. 
After educating her on what each character was, she chose an angel.
I must admit I felt the temptation to get my "stage mum" on. 
(Flap those wings. Flap, flap, flap. And smile!)

It was pretty cute. 
After all her enthusiasm and wing flapping off stage I think she became just a little overwhelmed and stood on stage staring out into the congregation. 

The best part (for Lu) about the whole thing was the baby Jesus lying in the manger. 
After church I was dragged up to look at, poke and kiss his sweet little face.
This is how we learnt that baby Adi and baby Jesus are two different people.*

lucyangel2012 photo lucyangel2012_zps8a5cbb7e.jpg
lucypokingjesus photo lucypokingjesus_zps00f3679a.jpg
lucykissingjesus_zpsf345e0f4 photo lucykissingjesus_zpsf345e0f4.jpg
lucytheangel photo lucytheangel_zpsa7d4241b.jpg

*although I think it means that baby Jesus is a plastic doll with those freaky eyes that are supposed to close when you lie them down but after some time only manage to get halfway there leaving the appearance of a scary zombie baby. 

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  1. This is the funniest thing I have read all day .


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