2 - thirty four

We took this weeks photos next to the elephants at the zoo. I thought it would make me look good. Ya know, in comparison.

 photo f7ad7543-a039-40d0-ba68-33b186a553df.jpg

 photo e23fcea1-c740-40e6-a17f-2265a9e7ac86.jpg

 photo 2a1704eb-d730-4be6-87bc-3b1139b4533b.jpg


Pregnant. My energy drains fast and heartburn is a pretty regular occurrence. I can't even drink oj.
However, my feet are not so puffy and I'm still wearing my wedding ring. Small wins.


Trying to survive sans toddler nap. Myl goes back to college on Monday. Heaven help us.
It's really doing me in.
Went to Priceline and bought all my baby needs. Ahh breast pads how I forgot about you.


Six weeks is an incredibly short amount of time.

Also, if you were wondering what Lu is doing in the photo she is being a monkey. Possibly a big dada monkey or a baby monkey. The zoo was pretty awesome.

thirty four weeks of Lucy - yikes on a bike. Hello water retention!

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