dear smalls

7:00 AM
hey there little baby
how's it all going in there?

I haven't written to you much this pregnancy but I
just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how
much we are all looking forward to your arrival.

You have a big sister out here who is getting
pretty keen.
You've probably heard her constant singing
and chattering from in there. She gives you so
many kisses and cuddles and knows exactly
where her "baby warwar" is.
I'm trying to teach her about what it will be like
when you get here and the other day when
I asked her what we will do with our baby
she said "very gentle." So here's hoping.

Your dada keeps telling me how excited he
is about you.
Take it from me, your dada looks great with
a baby in his arms and I'm looking forward
to watching.

I've been feeling your kicks getting stronger
and watching you move around in my belly
and little girl, I'm so keen to meet you.
I want to look into your eyes and tell you I'm
your mama. I want to kiss your sweet cheeks
and smell your sweet baby smell.

Only a little while longer small one.

Love Mama.

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