Sweet girl of mine

2:53 PM
This girl of mine is two tomorrow.

She is getting so big.
Her hair is long and curly and her legs are growing long but she still fits in what is left of my lap. She runs, jumps and dances with increasing coordination.

She sits on the big girl toilet and wears big girl undies during the day. I tell her I'm proud of her and she beams.
She reads and reads. It was always our intention to encourage a love of books in her and our dreams have been fulfilled tenfold.

We have conversations about monkeys, about sore knees and babies in tummies. We talk about going to granny and waa waas house. She furrows her brow when things aren't right and giggles when they are silly.

She likes watching play school and has a newfound interest in nature documentaries. She is learning all the names and the sounds that go with them.

She isn't such a fan of the eating of food but loves to help me cook. Stirring, sorting and flipping and of course licking the bowl.

She's my little cuddle girl and loves to be held tight. She adores her dada and runs to cuddle him when he gets home. It is a joy to my heart.

My sweet girl. It's been almost two years since you were placed wide eyed on my chest and almost three since I began to know you. To watch you grow and change is one of life's biggest joys.

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