one to two

I think some part of her knows that things are about to change.
My little girl lies nestled into my chest. Her hand stroking my face.
Every time I move she resettles herself tucking closer in, holding onto the last few weeks of having a mama all to herself.

Things are a little more fragile. A few more cuddles are needed, a bit more waking in the night, a bit more time to play before staying alone at crèche.

But I know she's going to rise to the occasion. I know she's going to love this little baby girl coming into her world.
She kisses my belly and speaks lovingly of her sister. She points to the place here she will soon be sleeping and talks about cuddling her.

She practices with her dolly. She has named her "Baby Joe." Joe gets bathed and clothed, cuddled and fed.

I long for this little girl as well but a part of me holds my big girl a little tighter knowing that it will all be a bit different soon.

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