2 - thirty nine (bit late)

So... lets just pretend you stepped into a time machine and I haven't birthed Norah yet. Here's my 39 week update. It was to sad to let it not be posted even if it is about five weeks late.

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 photo e025752c-a008-4626-a415-04bc75dda61e.jpg


pretty perky but pretty keen to meet this kiddo. she keeps doing sneaky things like turning around to almost posterior which freaks me out.
i still resemble a stranded whale when i get up in the morning but still have ankle definition so that's a win.
Starting to feel the baby pressure. So many people due after me are having their babies. Really not looking forward to 40+ weeks.


lots of stuff on hands and knees to combat the sneaky baby. Scrubbing the floors and playing duplo. The only thing is when I do it when Lucy is around she thinks it's time to play "horseeee!"
Going for brisk walks and those kinds of things but trying not to try too hard. She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes.


I hope this is my last weekly post. There are things I love about being pregnant but going overdue aint one of them.

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