3:11 PM
It struck me that my last post might have sounded rather annoyingly chipper.
While we are loving the giant blessings of our little ones let me say one thing.

Two kids is hard.

I have seen more holes in my personality in these last few weeks than in the last twenty or so years. My patience wears thin, my voice raises, my ability to cope with exhaustion falters.

We have these beautiful moments of calm and joy often when out in public or surrounded by numbers of friends and family but when it's just mama and the babes I often feel like I'm just keeping afloat in deep deep water. Struggling to keep my head up.

We've hit some tricky toddler territory that requires so much patience I often feel like plucking out my eyeballs. How do you reason for the 3657th time that dummy us just for sleep time or one viewing of Mary Poppins per day is quite enough?
It's hard to push through the screaming sometimes but oh the sweetness of cuddling that girl to sleep. Well, that's why we do it.

I'm learning to juggle the constant needs of my two and figuring out what needs to be done when one cries for hunger and another needs the potty.
I'm figuring out a new routine and thanking the good Lord for my baby wrap.

I'm trying to find joy in this season. The spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. It's there if I look hard enough, stop to take a breath, pray, smile.
But I know life is a whole lotta crazy right now.

Do you have crazy baby days? I'd love to compare stories. Any hot tips?

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