One month old

3:09 PM
Smalls is one month old.
Can you believe it? She's actually five weeks and two days old but who's counting.

It's been a whirl. I feel like I'm only just resurfacing and we are starting to get back into some kind of routine.
Norah's a nice kid. She's feeding like a pro and sleeping like... a baby.
I'm getting used to broken sleep and trying to keep awake for mid night feeds. There's nothing like waking up a few hours later to find a baby right where you left her on your lap. Eeek!

Norah seems to enjoy sleeping on her own a bit more than her sister although I'm still learning this new world of putting baby down for naps. Sometimes the cute for crying will be to put Norah in her cot , a concept that after Lucy boggles my mind.

The first time she smiled she was two days old and I'm convinced it was a real smile. She looked me straight in the eye and gave a big toothless grin. I'm convinced because she keeps on doing it now with cooing sound effects. It darn near breaks my heart.

Norah is very loved by her big sister. Despite her general out of sortness we haven't had any real baby jealousy. It's so nice to see Lucy watch and cuddle and kiss her little sister. I'm guessing they are going to be great friends.

Myl again is proving himself to be a wonderful dada. He's got a spot of man flu at the moment but still is loving and caring for our family. It's a real lark seeing him with a newborn again. No better sight.

Well what else can I say? She eats, she pops, she sleeps. She's pretty happy except when she isn't (ha!). I'm so thankful for a phone that can take half decent photos or there would be very few of our little smally. But here they are. Her first month.

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