your mama

4:03 PM
they call us superheroes
amazing, wonderful, beautiful.
They say
we don't know how you do it all
have it all
know it all
They applaud our bravery and determination.
They marvel at our juggling act and thank us for being so servant hearted.

I call myself
a failure, flawed and plain.
I see myself struggle to do much
the house a mess, in pjs at 2pm.
I hear myself get angry
I feel tired and like my brain has turned to mush.
I juggle the crying baby and the pleading toddler.
I want just a minute to myself.

But to you my little child.
You see warm arms to hold you
A soft voice to sing to you
A friend to play with
And you my sweet baby
You see the one who rocks you to sleep
Gives you sweet milk
And kisses your sweet cheeks.

You see me as I am.
Your mama.

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