1:59 PM

holiday snaps

1. all rugged up. as we got to blackheath it started to sleet. that's a real winter holiday. 2. Lu was very impressed with the view but ...


little one - she likes ALL the crumpets. With peanut butter please!  smalls - on a blustery day. Using her tongue as a weather vane.
11:05 AM

four months old

smalls is four months old. She is getting more alert everyday.  She likes... Holding all the things. Watching her hands. What is that long t...
1:32 PM

dada date. mama date.

Getting a new little sister is a pretty crazy life changing adjustment for a two year old. Being the youngest child I never got to experienc...
5:05 PM

by myself

Our little girl is getting so grown up lately. One of her favourite things to say is "by myself?" She likes to put on her own shoe...


halfway through the year aint bad. little one this is what she thought of my photo taking. there's always the other twenty six weeks. sm...
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