by myself

5:05 PM
Our little girl is getting so grown up lately.
One of her favourite things to say is "by myself?"
She likes to put on her own shoes bed almost always gets them on the wrong feet.

The other night as I was cooking dinner she scooped out some butter for herself into a little bowl. I thought I'd run with this title burst of creative independence and gave her some little bowls of sugar, flour, yoghurt and sultanas. The result was her very first biscuits made all by herself.*

She scooped the mixture onto a tray and we baked them in the oven. 
We had one excited and proud little girl in the house that night.

I'm glad that little ordinary moment of a girl scooping out butter turned into an extraordinary first time moment. It would have been easy to put the butter away and direct Lucy's attention elsewhere but we ended up having a lot of fun.

I think I need to remember this.

* I must admit my inner control freak made a few minor tweaks.

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