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Getting a new little sister is a pretty crazy life changing adjustment for a two year old. Being the youngest child I never got to experience it myself but its been interesting to watch the way Lu has dealt with the arrival of her baby sister. On one hand she adores her little baby but on the other has been a little more tantrumy and unpredictable. Or maybe that's just the average life of a twonager.

Over the holidays we spent some good quality time with our biggest girl and she seemed to be back to her usual chirpy public-displays-of-singing-and-dancing self. But how to continue this adorable behaviour? Enter dada and mama dates.

A couple of alone time hours a week to send some parental love her way.
We started off with a bang* this week and it went down like a treat.

Dada - Myl took Lu to see her first movie at the cinema. They saw monsters university and Lucy liked that the monsters roared. Especially the green one. They got a ginormous box of popcorn the size of Lucy's torso and I was told she had her fair share ?!?

Mama - I took Lu to the circus. She loved it. We sat in the front row and were about. Two metres away from the lions, monkeys, ponies, pigs and acrobats. I raised my eyebrows at the scantily clad trapeze artists and Lu cheered at the monkeys riding horses. It was a good day.

*pretty sure someone got spoiled. It's bread and butter at the park next week.

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