four months old

11:05 AM
smalls is four months old.

She is getting more alert everyday. 

She likes...
Holding all the things.
Watching her hands. What is that long thing... Ooh! Where'd it go?
Sucking her sweet thumb.
When I bench press her.
Being told nonsense. Boo boo boo. Goo goo. Gah gah!
Siting up very straight. 
Going for long walks in the baby carrier.

And not so much...
Drinking milk in the morning. She'll quite easily go from 7am-1pm with nothing. I'd worry if she wasn't off the growth charts.
Loud sudden noises. Like the kind two year olds make.
Standing still or sitting in the baby carrier.
That moment in the car after being put in her seat but before the engine starts. END of the WORLD. 

She's toughening up and can handle cuddles from her sister a bit better.
She smiles and smiles. Makes you feel pretty awesome. 
She's had some interesting nights this week mainly due to a sniffly nose I think.
But I love her. Look at that face. As if you wouldn't?

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