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We lost the little one at the shops today. I was feeding smalls and Myl was looking at things with her in target. All of a sudden she wasn't there. After a frantic search of the store we found her in the arms of a lady who had brought her back from the other end of the shopping centre level. She had run out right past where I was sitting. 

Our girl has been extra spirited lately. More running, more no's, more questioning, more opinions. It's quite a challenge. I look at smalls this tiny baby who needs everything done for her then I turn to this big girl starting to find her way in the world.

Stretching. Learning. Growing.

The thing about stretching is its what you do right before a big bout of exercise. It feels a bit sore as you pull and push muscles you haven't used for a while but you know it's worth it when you get down to business and find your muscles work a whole lot better. 

I can see when she says "no" she is learning her boundaries. I can see her running and exploring the world outside the security of mama and dada. Her wild behaviour will teach her how to use her voice and her body and I will teach her the joy and beauty in control.

She is being stretched and so am I as I learn to mother this child who is no longer a baby. While she still needs me to meet her physical needs, she now needs me to teach her about the world and her place in it.

I'm stretching. Learning. Growing too.

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