the very model

7:45 PM

Can I tell you how much this girl loves her dada right now?

Each morning she comes into our bed and wants to lie in the middle of us. Snuggling into her dada. 
When he leaves in the morning it's like the end of her world. The bottom lip quivers, she sniffles and then let's out the dearest little cry.

Or post dada leaving conversations go something like this
Lu - Dada's gone to work.
Me - Yes he has.
Lu - I miss him. Do you miss him mama?
Me - Yes I do. I miss dada when he's not here.
Lu - I love dada.
Me - Me too. I love him very much. 


Sometimes we wait by the window for when he comes home in the afternoon. I love the look on Lu's face when she spots him coming up the stairs. 
Dada dates are always the favourite. She calls them "dada waits."

It fills my heart with joy to see a girl so smitten with her dear papa. He's the very model of the man I'd like her to marry one day. But for now it's just sweet to see them drink their cinos together.

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