five months old

9:00 PM
smalls is five months old.

We should rename her smiles as this is what she likes to do. As it is she has been given the name Baby Norah so heaven knows what we'll do when she is no longer a baby. We also call her (we being me mostly) Baby Enny, B.N, bubsa doo and just plain Baby.

She has followed in her sisters footsteps and is sitting up. Could this mean walking at ten months too?
We've started her on solid food as she was going nuts trying to eat our food and she seems to be enjoying it. Banana, rice cereal and pumpkin have all been winners. Most importantly I'm taking it much more easily, not getting freaked out if she doesn't eat much and being fairly consistent. I think I worried about it all too much with Lucy. 

She's beginning to play. Play with toys (straight to the mouth), play with mama and dada, (peekaboo), and even play with Lu. We've taught Lucy that when Norah begins to make cry noises you need to STOP what you are doing. Lucy stops...sometimes. Even though she can be a bit overly affectionate, Norah seems to adore her big sister and her face lights up when she sees her. Lucy likes her little baby too and gets particularly excited when she has no clothes on. "Nekked a bebe!"

I feel like such a better mama this time. I feel I can interpret Norah's needs way better than I could with Lucy. Though she doesn't have as much one on one time and always has to compete with a noisier big sister, I think Smalls is getting a higher standard of parenting. Ha ha!

She is our little joy baby. My happy little thing who naps by herself! She's just slotted into our little family so very well and baby Nor-ah we adore y-ah.

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