Good days and...

8:18 PM

In our family we have some really good good days.
Like Saturdays, I think we do Saturday well. It's myl's only day off and so we try to free it up for some good old family time.
We hit the markets down the road. Sip coffee and juice and eat fresh cherry tomatoes and blinis.
We might go for a picnic or get froyo.
We go exploring in the city or at the zoo. We ride busses trains and ferries.
Saturday is usually a good day.

But some days are not so good.
Today was a bit like that. 

Myl comes home to littlebitflustered wife. 
We've had a few too many tears, a few to many no's. Too much laundry and not enough fresh air.
We went for a walk to redeem the day but endured a little too much grizzle and had to end it early. Quick silent dinner. Bath. Bed.

On not so good days it's easy to look at my little family and think about taking it back to the family shop.
But then I remember those good days. Or the moment on the notso day when a little voice piped up between sobs and whines to tell me she could hear froggies "ribbit ribbit."

The kiddos are clean, in fresh pyjamas and fast asleep. I'll go downstairs, sit next to my husband and look at cute photos and videos of our little babes.
We'll try to reclaim this notsogood day and fill it's end with joy.

What do you do to redeem your day?

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