Our day in pictures

11:04 AM
7:00 I woke up to a drizzly grey day. Myl and I have been trying to get up early together to read the bible, pray and have breakfast. Myl looks after Norah while Lucy snoozes on upstairs. She had a long day.

I'm reading through Ecclesiastes trying to figure out the meaning of life. Chapter one down. I think it's going to be a long process.

9:00 Myl heads to work, Lucy wakes up and it's time for Norah to go back to sleep. Because its raining I can't possibly do any laundry. How sad.
Lucy and I snuggle in her bed to read books and watch the rain. I must have had a big day the day before because I just can't keep my eyes open. I fall asleep. Lucy does too.

12:00 I wake up to the sounds of a little baby chattering away to herself. da da da ba da. I lie down next to her and take video of her chittering. We smile at each other for a while.

1:00 Lucy wakes up and we all get dressed for the day. This includes gumboots for puddle jumping. It's time to go do the groceries and Lucy wants to bring ALL the things. She brings her basket of plastic food, a box of chocolates and two plastic coat hangers. We manage to leave all but the plastic fruit in the car.

2:00 Norah makes her debut in the trolley. She gets the hang of it really quickly. Lucy sits in the big part. The bad parent part. She doesn't mind, nor do I. We manage to put a few things in the trolley around the children, the bags and the plastic fruit.

Lucy helps me choose nice looking mandarins and mushrooms and a nice big broccoli. Then she snacks on a box of cherry tomatoes.

3:00 we go put undies on our heads to win free juice. Yep this happens. Lucy tells me she doesn't need to put undies on her heads. Norah just smiles.

We go get a few things at Coles but the trip is cut short by a crying baby and an emergency run to the toilet. We never get to do the last few aisles and often end up without dish washing detergent or toilet paper.

After a quick pit stop we go back upstairs for our weekly finger bun. Mama gets the first bite, Lucy gets the bun and Norah gets the paper bag. Everyone is happy.

4:00 we get home just as Myl does. He brings in the shopping and we play a while. I practice my new cajon along with some music and Myl reads books to the girls.

6:00 dinner time. Norah has to go to bed. She's had a long day. We eat ramen. I've been craving Asian food lately. Lucy monsters it. It's then time for bath and bed for Lu. She's had a long morning nap so she's not keen. Myl plays good cop while I get a start on an article I'm writing for our college women's mag.
I have a piece of birthday cake as I go.

8:00 Or maybe 9:00 Lucy is finally asleep and I'm done working for the night. Myl and I end up on the couch chatting about next year. Then cause we want to get up early the next morning we head to bed.

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