The capsule

5:07 PM
I'm not sure if I'm alone here but since baby number two my body is different.
Things just ain't fitting the way they used to. I didn't notice it as much after having Lu but now I can spend some very angry time in front of my wardrobe.

A few weeks ago I did a huge vinnies cull but now I think I need to do more. In fact in thinking of getting rid of the lot (or most of it) and starting fresh.

I really like the idea of the capsule wardrobe. 
Own 10-15 items that all work together and just wear them. Forget the impossible to breastfeed in dresses, forget the tops that look weird. Forget the clothes that make me look like a teenager. ( cos I was when I got them. )

I put together one for spring and have been pretty good at keeping it but there are these clothes in my wardrobe I keep wanting to give another chance to. Each time I try, I regret it.
Let's just keep it simple.

I pretty much don't want to / can't spend more than about five minutes getting dressed in the morning if I want to avoid baby meltdown / toddler meltdown / no breakfast / running completely late / all of the above.
I like to feel comfortable but not look like I spend all day wiping bums and playing with duplo. ( even if I do )

How do you decide what to wear each day. Do you have oodles of clothes or just a capsule? Send me to your pin boards!

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