Tirimisu cake 2.0

1:58 PM

For Myls birthday a few years ago I made him a tirimisu cake. You might have seen it, I posted a picture. It tasted delicious but was a little...unstable. Let's just say CREAM AVALANCHE. 

So when the college decided to have a cake making competition I decided to give it another go. I thought for weeks about cake structural integrity and here's what I  came up with. I didn't win any prizes but the cake all got eaten. That's a win in my book.

I started by baking two cakes. I used the fool proof women's weekly quick mix chocolate cake.

I baked a double batch in two tins. Then left them to cool.

I cut each cake in half except my top halves were more like domes. Not exactly what I had in mind but not a disaster.

I doused the cakes in about half a cup of coffee. I think it needed more. I would have used a bit of booze too if it had been for a different crowd.

Then it was time to prop it all up. I used tirimisu biscuits for structural integrity and cream for the glue. It worked well to keep the domey bits of cake up.

I layered up the four cakes with chocolate sauce in between the cake and the cream.

When I got to the top I put another layer of cream and grated chocolate...because obviously.

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