seven months old

10:14 PM
smalls is seven months old

She is our joy baby.

She loves to smile and play.

This week she has started crawling. It started out as a backwards wriggle and then on to a clumsy forward shuffle but now she is much more purposed. She is most often found crawling towards mama at sleepy times. 

Lucy is so pleased to have a crawling playmate. To her, crawling is the best trick ever but Norah does not crawl nearly fast enough an Lucy tries to pick up her sister or drag her across the floor. It hasn't affected their relationship too much so far...

There are still no sign of teeth but sweet gurgles and monosybalic words can be heard coming out of Norah's mouth. Da da ba ba and most notably ma ma when she is sad.

She can roll, but like her sister prefers not to except at bed time when she rolls straight onto her tummy and falls asleep. It's funny that Lucy did the same thing. (Except it took me much longer to realise this was the cure to her sleeping woes.)

My favourite thing that Norah does is called the flappy bird. When she sees a face she likes her eyes light up and she waves both her arms and legs about like a sweet baby bird. THAT is worth coming home for. 

She's now having food at every meal time and is taking to it well. Finger food is a favourite but she'll eat almost anything.

She is learning and growing so fast. It is a great joy to watch my two girls play and laugh and hold hands in the car. 
Norah is such a sweet sweet treat.

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