when growing up hurts

12:59 PM
My littlest one. Smalls.
She's a chilled out kiddo. Smiley and fun.

Lately she's been growing up and it hurts.
She's mastered sitting and crawling and is now pulling herself up on all the things.

She likes to practice these skills at night and because of her new independence she's developed a new clinginess. She likes to practice this clinginess at night.

I remember it was the same with her sister and it really knocked me out and made me doubt my ability as a mother.

This time it's knocked me about again but I feel more like I know where it's coming from and can see that like most things to do with childhood, it won't last.

So even though I'm typing this lying next to a sleeping babe in scared to put in her cot for fear she will wake up in ten minutes. Even though our bed has had three people in it more than it has two. Even though bedtime is a long drawn out process at the moment I'm going to remember that this little girl is growing and changing and learning and it must hurt a little for her too.

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