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12:33 AM
I made our little family an advent calendar.
you could make one too. It's not too late!

We're filling it up with sweet bible verses and sweet treats.

 photo 4d6aa05d-7ba8-4ec1-94ba-a56e2068c88d.jpg

 photo 90bb4685-973a-4115-b4c6-56bb11ef1c50.jpg

 photo 9eeeac25-07b7-4067-911b-32ecf6b26f7e.jpg

 photo 66245b8a-054b-4249-a2f2-4e931441b709.jpg

 photo 41b53975-e60d-487b-b2be-6bd8b863f4e4.jpg

 photo e60f631a-63d1-456c-b340-116c4686e3c1.jpg

 photo 91ce263d-d1c6-467e-bc04-d2e57b1be038.jpg

The hessian was super hard to sew on so it gave the whole think a rustic jaunty look... lets say it was intentional.

I hope this humble calendar of ours helps to focus on the little baby sent by God to earth and that each gift of a sweet treat reminds us of the sweetness we enjoy in knowing him.

Here is some more Christmas pinspiration.

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